As the war drums beat so have your instruments of pain hit

Dead bodies keep piling

But you have made justice mean “just us”

Just you

The youth get punished

For the sins you forced them to commit

Women become widows too early

Siblings lose their loved ones too swiftly

All because someone looked good

All because they made something of themselves

And of course you can’t believe it

You didn’t make provisions for this

Just because they keep pushing for their dreams

You make the eyes of their loved ones dripping streams

Now we’ve been pushed down for so long

And What goes down surely must come up

We rise and we won’t shut up

We’ve carried on so long and said nothing

We’ve waited for your response but you keep lying

But you know that we know

It’s time!!!

You know we know the signs

We won’t stop until this menace stops

This wont end until you end sars



Every new day is a plain sheet,

A new page to make the next page easier to write

Everything that happens, happens for a reason

Reflect on the right seasoning for the right season,

Understanding balance is deeper than weighing a scale

The knowledge of black and white is more than just colors

The decision to be happy is more than a smiling face.

You have to go through the dark times to appreciate better times

The darkness never really disappears

It becomes unnoticeable when the light arrives

Consciously believing that the light would always appear is key

Consistently moving when it’s dark is a step in the right direction

Understanding both sides without neglect of the other is awaking

Awakening brings true joy and happiness.


You Don’t want to let me go and you don’t want me to stay

So confused I’m saying truth but you twist all I say

Up on a swing or down, down by the clay

I didn’t cause you pain, why are you making me pay?


I gave you everything you need

I tried to sow a seed

You walked passed my efforts and said that’s good indeed

Remember the necklace that I gave you; that was made of beads.

You pulled off saying that you couldn’t breathe

It hurt cause you still wear the chain that your ex gave you

Not stable, trying to make a weak heart able


She be switching mood swings like she Tarzan

Truth be told I can’t get her out of my mind’s sight

The words, the calls, the touch

The disappearance and sudden appearance

They come to me me like shots of adrenaline

And this purple juice to bear witness to this truss

I get easily obsessed

You made me obsessed

Everything reminds me of you

I tell myself to get rid of all expectations

But When it comes to you that command faces rejection

I’m addicted to you and I don’t want us turn to strangers.


Back and forth

Spell the four

L o v e

I’d be by you that’s what I signed up for

Loving you wasn’t a mistake

My wanting you isn’t fake

I never understood insecurities

Not that I don’t have them

But I feel they’re are a sign that you should love yourself more

And if you can’t love yourself by yourself

I want you to love yourself from my eyes

You’d always be perfect with the imperfections for me

Your body is a vessel for your soul

I cherish the vessel and it’s content

Don’t put yourself through hurt that I’m not giving

Don’t miss an opportunity to have a good time

Don’t look down on yourself

I’m here, your own superman

Lift yourself or give me a chance to lift you

Smile again or give me a chance to make you smile

That’s all I want from you

Your happiness is all I want from you.

Put your hands in mine and let’s conquer the world

Put your hands in mine let’s conquer with love.


Economics speaks of a law

Demand and supply!

A grounding concept is desire

Since everything can be desired

Everything is up for sale

Since everything is up for sale

Everything can be sold

The more a thing is wanted the more it is produced

How do we play the game of want?

By being attractive

Colour, smell and anything appealing to the senses

Name yours guesses

The only man saved from this is a man lost off his senses

And such a man is a dead men

Even the dead can be sold to the right buyer

Love love love

Staring at us in the face all this while

But really it’s a commodity these days

Everyone wants it

And movies, music and books are it’s advertising vendors

Even the poor would pay to have true love

And if it doesn’t feel like the movies it’s not appealing

Against all sensible judgement

We want to give a blind eye to this fact

But some people are miles ahead

They make a fortune off this

We are all selling something

Nice cloths, great speeches, great smiles

When I see humans these days I see products

It’s easier to give them money that way

The nicer the package the higher the price

Emotional Economics.

Knowing this fact doesn’t stop our yearning

It’s just a reminder

A gentle pointer

That while we think we have nothing to sell

Love is also a currency

And we can trade it for what we want

Find your buyer and cast your pitch

Finally work without working

And have a great day.


I’ve been thinking

Destabilizing my stable thoughts

This has been refreshing and caging

Pointless accusations don’t bring remedy

This mental wound has to be healed

But I can’t save my self alone

I need someone

I need a reason to live

A spring in my rocky life

A jewel I want to protect

Family would always be family

But this has to be totally mine

Avoiding all the manipulation

Because I’m tired of chasing the wind

And holding on to a fleeting sensation

It has to be the real deal

Or maybe nothing in life is really real

Just our minds and words giving us what we asked for

What ever it is I’d keep searching

At least no one stopped me from trying

I’m the architect of my home.

The leader of my one man army.


Yes I want to impress

Expensive watch and a dress

Eyes are piercing like spears

Move close I want to caress

If the windows are shut

Movements change on the spot

I’d be riding my horse to the heavens of course

Cigars,whisky and sounds

From your beautiful mouth,

Face displaced in manners education wouldn’t call smart,

Uncontrollable joy iced with pain do that work

You’ve been doing this long you’d make Rihanna to smile..

If the winds keep blowing

This fire keeps burning

I knew you, foreign

But now you don’t seem boring

Mental games that I play brings more joy than a video game

For this sounds that you make I would like a replay

sing it now!

Ah ahh ahhh ah ah

Situations have changed

I don’t want you no more

Yesterday’s games be saved in my archives for days

I’m disrespecting your soul

That to you is worth gold,

Your education, slow predictions fail you now as you go

Think of nights that you dreamed

Or all the nights that you screamed

Every image getting blurry as your eyes form a stream.

If you’d be calm

Follow the plan

It’s be easier to forget the last part where you cry.


The system wasn’t created to make you happy

It was made to make you wish to survive

On the other hand the earth was made to make things easy

It was made to keep you living

I don’t care what the religions speaking

But speaking into your future never went wrong

So keep moving and speaking

Probably that’s what the tongue was meant for.

Went motivational today.